A good day starts in the morning

A positive first impression sets up the mood for a pleasant and problem-free night. That is why we have to make sure that everything is as simple as it can be, even before your guests take their seat. Besides, as people say: «a good day starts in the morning»!

Easy Access

ViewHall is on K. Karamanli Ave. (the road to Parnitha), about ~1 km. from the National road Athens-Lamia (Metomorphosi intersection). Therefore, access to our site is easy and secure.

Valet Parking

We own a parking lot, with a capacity of 600 guests, run by one or more parking valets, whose services are included in our prices. Thus, we avoid the discomfort that may result in negative comments and bad mood, especially in bad weather.

Online Check-in

With the aid of technology, guest check-in is fast and effective. This way, we avoid queue formations, which often result in discomfort and embarrassment.

Reception Buffet

What is more beautiful and impressive than a colorful reception buffet, full of welcome drinks and finger snacks (aka canapés)?

Table Marking

Your guests are informed, at check-in, about their table's number, which is clearly visible from the hall's main entrance. Additionally, there is a guest list per table, that leaves no room for misunderstandings.