Catering for homes & businesses

The first organized catering business was founded in 1812, at Philadelphia USA, by Robert Bogle, who is generally considered as the originator of professional catering. The industry flourished after the WW II, as companies supplying the army found new markets for selling their products.

At Home Catering

Name days and birthdays, wedding anniversaries, New Year's Eve, army discharge, graduations, a significant business deal, as well as other personal celebrations with family members and friends, are some of the reasons why one can use a professional catering business at home.

If you want to keep the joy of your feast, without the stress and hassle of its preparation, just call us to discuss your options. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Catering a Grand Opening Event

A grand opening for a new (or renovated) establishment is the most common event for a catering business. It is the kind of event most people are familiar with and, for this reason, they can easily tell a good catering service when they see one.

ViewHall catering makes a difference by innovating in the quality and variety of dishes, unique food sculptures, and the overall presentation and service. We always try to match our equipment to your particular business style, in order for us to seem rather as an extension than an addition and something out of place.

Stadium Catering

Large companies tend to organize regular events and/or to celebrate main holidays of the year with the staff and their families. When the number of guests is in the hundreds, the physical space that can accommodate them is a stadium. In such cases, catering the event is the most logical option.

ViewHall has 4 halls, with a total capacity of 1300 people, and at times they are all booked and operate simultaneously. Therefore, we are accustomed to events with hundreds of guests. And if the number of guests exceeds our capacity, we are able to utilize the equipment and production facilities of our associates to cover the event effectively and without deficiencies.

Catering all over Greece

Yes, we do that too! We are organized and ready at will to travel all over mainland and Greece's islands. This is often more practical (and economical) than having your guests make the trip to us. It goes without saying that in such cases, food is cooked on site. If you have the space, we have the means!