Cultural Events

We have the know-how to hold events of cultural and embellishing associations, sports clubs, parents associations, labor unions, and scientific organizations. Here are some examples of cultural events that you can leave in the hands of the experienced ViewHall staff.

Annual Celebrations

Annual «cake cutting» is an established event of clubs and associations of any kind, either in the context of a New Year's Eve celebration or due to the anniversary of their foundation. It is often accompanied by lotteries and subscription settlements. It is a wonderful opportunity for member gathering, discussing about current issues and increasing participation and memberships.

General Assemblies

Sometimes, members of a club or organization are invited to elect its new board or to take an important decision on its activities. A general assembly is a special event type, as it requires amphitheatric seating arrangement, podium and microphones, projector, etc. ViewHall has the necessary equipment and the required expertise to hold an event like this, successfully .

Charity Gala

«Gala» are quite often lavish events, with the sole purpose of raising funds for charity or other humanitarian purposes. Guests are important people who have the means and the will to contribute to achieving these goals. Obviously, the venue, the service, the menu and every other organizational detail, must be of high standards and a perfect fit for the occasion.

Scientific Conferences

Conferences are very similar to «General Assemblies», regarding their spatial infrastructure, and therefore we have no problem to carry out and host such an event. It goes without saying that we can also manage for you the identification system, the PVC member cards, and all the technical requirements for an excellent scientific conference.