Mixing business with pleasure

Doing an event, with the purpose of promoting your business interests, in a place other than your workplace, accompanied by good food and wine, increases the prestige of the company, improves its image and better expresses the popular saying: "mixing business with pleasure"!

Product Announcements

Fundamental marketing laws require announcing a new product, in order for it to become widely known. In addition to press releases and paying ads, consider the impact that an event for this purpose would have, with relevant media representatives as well as consumers from your target group, should your product relate to a niche market. For mainstream products, we can organize events open to the public.

Training Seminars

Everyone can book a hotel hall for conducting a training seminar. Consider, however, how original and effective would that be, if your next seminar took place in a banquet hall. In an environment more pleasant and social, definitely different, with an impressive buffet and impeccable service.

Trade Shows

If your offices lack a showroom, or that is not easily accessible, the most straightforward and economical solution is to «rent» a store for one or more days, in order to exhibit your products and promote them in the best possible way. Attendance can be free to anyone or by invitation only, depending on your line of business.

Besides hosting, we can also carry out the construction of your product stands, printing of brochures, suitable decoration, data collection, and anything else necessary for the proper presentation of your products.

Press Conferences

An important announcement, affecting a company's stakeholders and/or its customers, can of course be carried out via a press release and/or paying ad, as it is usually done. Such an approach, however, is impersonal and does not allow for interaction, such as a clarification or further discussion.

These issues can be overcome in the best possible and beneficial way, via a press conference. Combined with the traditional methods, it can maximize (or minimize, depending on the situation) the aftermath of the announcement, and the company appears prestigious and strong.