«The wedding at Cana»

Since ancient times, one of the most popular social customs of the Greeks was the gathering of friends in order to eat and drink (symposium). The ancients, in fact, separated eating from drinking, starting their dinner with some light food, followed by a period of wine consumption, the duration of which was regulated by the dilution rate of wine to water!

Wedding Reception

Wedding, one of the most important events in our lives, is also one of the most complex processes, requiring careful planning and the contribution of a number of authorities and - of course - the immediate family. In a wedding's to-do list, the banquet venue occupies both the first and last position! The first, because the couple will have to book the venue for the wedding's date, usually several months in advance. The last, because what follows a reception, is the honeymoon!

The wedding reception is called - and not unjustly - the «mother of all banquets». It is the event with the spectacular decoration, excellent food, impressive cake, music and dancing till dawn. It is the event where everything must be coordinated and just perfect, like a cinematic blockbuster! It is the event which honors an area like ViewHall.

Christening Reception

One of the best gifts you can give to your child (when it reaches an age where it can appreciate it), is photos and video from its magical christening reception. An invaluable heritage, a landmark of family happiness and one of your most valuable memories!

Children's Party

Children are the most demanding guests! To be able to stand on to ...their height, everything should be designed according to their own standards and experiences. Colorful decoration, toys, figurines of their favorite characters, and of course selected food in appropriate miniature portions!

Christmas & New Year's Réveillon

Two very special celebrations which are always combined with glamorous ambiance, fun and good company. These are the days where no one should be alone. The ViewHall réveillons, with their spectacular decoration, give you a chance to escape reality and indulge yourself in the magic of a total festive experience!