Whatever it takes for a flawless event

We provide all of an event essentials as well as the flexibility and tools to make your special day a reality!

Decoration & Layout

We, at ViewHall, believe that hall decoration and layout should match a banquet type and reflect the host's personal taste. That is why we work with you to find out the best possible setup for your event. This includes the hall's lobby and reception buffet. Almost everything is configurable and nothing is taken for granted.

It is worth mentioning that our lighting infrastructure is of LED technology, which means that we can color it at will. So, we can light your hall at your favorite tint and match ribbons and various adornments, resulting to a dazzling presentation!

Video Projector

There is a video projector and matching screen, you can use at will, in all of our halls. Depending on the event, it can be either an excellent medium to break the ice and create a warm ambiance, or just the right tool for your presentation.

Animateur for your Children

If there are children in your guest list, we can take care of their entertainment (and your relaxation), with the help of a professional animateur. His presence will add to your guests' satisfaction, children and adults inclusive!

Free Wi-Fi

As an integral part of our daily life, Internet access could not be missing from a ViewHall event. Our building is fully covered with free Wi-Fi.

Air Conditioning

All our halls are air-conditioned, with a new and well-maintained central facility, which is adjusted based on the number of guests. Therefore, the temperature is always right and pleasant, with no signs of discomfort.

WC for Disabled People

Apart from the conventional male / female toilets, our halls include a separate, wheelchair accessible restroom.

Power Generator

There is nothing worse than an electric power failure in the middle of an event. It can literally destroy it. For this reason we have a big generator, powerful enough to ensure the uninterrupted operation of not only lighting and audio, but lifts as well!

Audio Equipment

Our audio equipment is professionally designed and installed to support the various events we host. In a presentation, we need a clear amplification of the speaker's voice, without buzz and noises. For gala, we need a soft and pleasant background music. And for dancing, we need the loudness of a night club!

DJ / Live Music

You have complete freedom over your event's music, its type and means of reproduction. You can use a DJ or a music band. You can bring your own vendors or trust us with ours. Whatever you choose, our equipment is at your disposal!

Dancing Floor

There is no fixed dancing floor in our halls. Instead, it is freely shaped according to the number of guests and the tables' layout. Please note that, our stated hall capacities, include a small space for dancing.