For a top quality food

They say that "A way to one's heart is through their stomach". We do not know whether this is true or not, but we firmly believe that food quality is crucial not only for you and your guests, but also for us as a business. One may overlook a lot of things, but not bad food!

Certified Food Management

Both maintenance and cooking of the food we serve, are subject to the strict regulations of the HACCP ISO-22000 standard, for which we are officially certified. This means that there is no chance of even the slightest unpleasant side effect from eating our food.

Creative Chefs

As it is widely known, we eat using all of our senses. Thus, eating something just fresh and healthy is not enough. It should also be tasty, well presented and fragrant. This is the job of our amazing chefs whose creations leave nobody untouched!

Rich Menu with Options

Depending on the type of your reception or event, there are 3 main menu categories to choose from:

  1. Buffet
  2. Mixed Grill
  3. Served

Each category contains about 10 dishes. In the «Served» one, you can choose among 20!

Special Diets

We address special diets by cooking separate dishes for children, people with food allergies, vegetarians, etc. Additionally, we will gladly cook a local dish for you, such as for example, the wedding pilaf of Crete.